Batman Returns (1992)

Joel Schumacher certainly deserved all the harsh criticism he received after his gross mishandling of the Batman franchise. Both of his Batman movies were overly colorful, campy, kid-friendly piles of crap. It should be noted, however, that Schumacher didn't exactly inherit a flawless property. When viewed through modern perspectives, pushing all nostalgia aside, Tim Burton's Batman Returns is undeniably quite silly and embarrassing.
TortureVision Rating: BAD
Good features were better than expected. Bad features were awful, yet still enjoyable. Abortions were utter torment to sit through.


  1. You guys are so right. I had good memories from this movie, but I've watched it again after listening to your podcast and it sucks from the beginning to the very end. Great one, guys. 8)

    1. Thanks. It took us a while but we FINALLY got to bash a Tim Burton film (which desperately needed to happen). I'm sure more of his work will be appearing here soon. I've really grown to despise the man.


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